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You shall always be remembered

     in the hearts of all who yearn for freedom.

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"I am looking forward to their sex scene being hot, heavy, and awesome. I’ll have to rewind it many times to watch it." — Katrina Law, Queen of the Nagron Fandom [x] [x]

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Spartacus family <3


Katrina Law: German brothers. Those two are absolutely fabulous, onscreen and in real life. They’re so fun.
Steven S. DeKnight: They crack me up.
Peter Mensah: They are FUNNY. They are the funniest pair in real life. Did you audition them together?
SDK: No. Separately.
PM: It’s remarkable.
SDK. I saw them and I love them both and they actually look like brothers.
PM: And they act like brothers off set. What a pair.
KL: Being in New Zealand was actually really easy because the three of us lived in the same apartment building. I was constantly, ”What are you doing? You wanna get lunch? Let’s get lunch! Come up to my apartment…” So we just made it like a big house and it’s just fun.
SDK: That sounds awesome.
KL: It was great

(Blu-Ray commentary for Spartacus: Blood and Sand, s1ep13 Kill Them All)

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we’re not true friends until I’ve harassed you to watch a tv show I’m watching

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100 sexiest men
 » Justin Moore


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Matt Bomer - Details Magazine [X]

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